APS has been providing permitting acquisition services since 1980.  Our deep level of experience allows us to help our clients eliminate survey, drill and recording crew delays, saving costs and budget overruns on seismic projects.

APS has successfully completed 2D, 3D, 4D and Micro-Seismic projects in 27 states to date, including 128 counties in Texas alone.

We are committed to quality control and direct management oversight of our agents in the field.

We will assign an operations supervisor to each client who will streamline information directly to the client and oversee daily permitting efficiency and support.

We have extensive experience in highly cultured areas, municipalities, wetlands, state lands etc.

Our GIS coordinators will provide comprehensive databases of each project, including surface, minerals, topos, infrastructure and ownership databases.

We have a team approach business model, which creates a cohesive group of agents working together with management and the client

We will provide all necessary resources to successfully permit your project, including but not limited to: GIS mappers, mineral agents, surface agents, permit supervisors and database management personnel

We will provide weekly, updated reports and progress maps tailored to fit each specific client’s tracking and reporting needs

We have extensive experience working with Government entities, including USACE, USFW, USFS, BIA, and BLM

We provide landowner permit fees processing and 1099 issuance on all projects as requested by the client