At Allstate Permit we are committed to quality control and direct management oversight of our agents in the field. We offer many services to our clients, including 

  • Assignment of an operations supervisor to each client who streamlines information directly to the client and oversees daily permitting efficiency and support
  • Our GIS coordinators provide comprehensive databases of each project including surface, minerals, topos, infrastructure and ownership databases
  • Current surface status research based on pre-plotted mapping
  • Permit generation based on this research
  • Commitment to personal contact with landowners:
    • Mail out permits to non-resident and mineral permit requests only
    • Hand delivery of permit fee checks to landowners
    • Consistent communication with these landowners
  • Team approach business model creating a cohesive group of agents working together
  • All necessary resources including but not limited to, GIS mapper, mineral agents, surface agents, permit supervisors and database personnel
  • Weekly update reports and progress maps as requested by client
  • Extensive experience with Government entities including USACE, USFW, USFS, BIA, and BLM
  • Extensive experience in highly cultured areas, municipalities, wetlands, state lands etc
  • Check writing for landowner permits and payoff accounting thru 1099 delivery
  • Online integration for database access
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